Lint Center Announces Winner of the 2009 Eekwon Lee and Jongja Byun Scholarship

Lint Center for National Security Studies Announces Winner of the Eekwon Lee and Jongja Byun Scholarship, Recognizing Pioneers of Unfettered Freedom, Excellence, and Entrepreneurship

The Lint Center, a non-profit charity, supporting the educational pursuits of the next generation of emerging leaders in international relations, cultural awareness, and human security, today announced the winner of the 2009 Eekwon Lee and Jongja Byun Scholarship. The Pioneers of Unfettered Freedom, Excellence, and Entrepreneurship fund awarded its first scholarship to Magdalena J. Seol for her continued humanitarian volunteerism, her steadfast commitment to human dignity, and for her unbridled enthusiasm of higher education to actualize the ideal of sustainable conflict resolution around the globe.

The Eekwon Lee and Jongja Byun Scholarship, as part of the Pioneer’s Fund, was created to recognize and support outstanding individual students who demonstrate an unwavering commitment to freedom, a devotion to excellence, and fervor for entrepreneurship.

“The Lint Center’s generosity and the profound underlying legacy of Eekwon Lee and Jongja Byun, gives me great pause and a deep sense of gratitude,” said Magdalena Ji-in Seol. “As I continue my academic studies and explore consequential issues surrounding international relations, forced migration, international development, and refugees, I am extremely proud to have the support, encouragement, and financial assistance of the Lint Center. The Lint Center’s scholarship will enable me to take a step closer to actualizing my dream, ambition, and goal of making a lasting humanitarian impact an achievable quest, not a far off vision.”

“My parents would be proud to see their legacy supporting the educational endeavors of Ms. Seol,” said Soojoon Lee, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Kyung Hee University and the son of Lee and Byun. “Her continued effort to minimize human suffering, to mitigate threats posed to vulnerable populations, and her sincere desire to advance awareness, is nothing less than admirable humanitarianism. This scholarship was created to give those who have advanced the cause of freedom, liberty, and opportunity a much deserved leg-up.”

“The Lint Center is proud to recognize and support the noble efforts of Magdalena Ji-in Seol in her academic pursuits,” said James Lint, Chairman of the Lint Center for National Security Studies. “Seol, through her work with UNANIMA International, focusing on economic and social advancement, her work with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to promote collaboration among nations through education, culture and science, set her apart from other scholarship applicants. The Lint Center is pleased to support emerging leaders with this level of commitment and with such candid purpose for being.”

Due to the generosity and continued support of the world’s leading private intelligence company, Strategic Forecasting, Inc., Magdalena Ji-in Seol will also receive a one-year subscription to Stratfor’s Subscription Service which includes industry leading intelligence reports providing situational awareness, geopolitical analysis, and analytically rigorous forecasting.

About the 2009 Eekwon Lee and Jongja Byun International Relations and Cultural Awareness Scholarship:

The Eekwon Lee and Jongja Byun Scholarship seeks to identify and recognize the most outstanding applicant who displays a passion, understanding, and appreciation of international relations, cultural awareness, and the impact pioneers for positive change can achieve.

About Magdalena J. Seol:

Magdalena Ji-in Seol holds a B.A. in International Politics from Seoul National University in South Korea. She did her Master’s study in Forced Migration (Refugee Studies) at University of Oxford as the British Chevening Scholar and the Clarendon Fund Scholar. She worked for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Seoul and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris. After getting involved in a series of international volunteer works, she published a book in 2004 based on her experiences. For more information, please visit her Scholarship Winner Page.

About Stratfor:

Stratfor is the world’s leading private intelligence company providing individuals and corporations with breaking intelligence, in-depth analysis, assessments and forecasts on global political, economic, security, and public policy issues. Through its unrivalled blend of strategic and tactical expertise, Stratfor helps clients protect their assets, diminish risk and increase opportunities to compete in the global market. Stratfor’s services include free intelligence reports, subscription-based access and confidential consulting. For more information, please visit

About the Lint Center:

The Lint Center for National Security Studies, Inc., founded in 2007, is a non-profit IRS 501 (c) (3) organization created to award merit-based scholarships for Counterintelligence and National Security Workers, their children and scholars, and to advance the study of National Security, cross-cultural studies, and global understanding. The Center, an IRS approved charity, is veteran and minority operated and managed.