Lint Center In the News

newspaper__1_The Public and External Affairs team at the Lint Center had a pretty good week with regards to the most recent scholarship announcement.

We congratulate Greg on his scholarship award and for helping to generate outstanding saturation as well as coverage!

We encourage you to explore the links and let us know if you saw something we missed.

Here is a quick rundown on where the scholarship announcement was picked up and reposted:

  1. University of New Orleans  
  2. e-Collegiate News
  3. Legal News
  4. American Banking News
  5. Maryland News and Things to Do 
  6. Business Virginia
  7. I4U News
  8. Student Loan Blog
  9. Anatomy and Physiology Revealed
  10. Jags Report 
  11. Silobreaker 
  12. Virginia LLP
  13. Connect Madison County 
  14. Mimes In Motion
  17. i-NewsWire
  18. PR-USA
  19. One News Page 
  20. PR Log
  21. Online PR
  22. 24-7 Press Release 
  23. Free Press Index 
  24. Melodika 
  25. Topix