NSA: No Such Agency

NSA_LogoWhat you see here, what you do here, what you hear here, when you leave here, let it stay here.”[i]

An old adage of little town Oak Ridge, Tennessee, where the Manhattan Project laid its roots, this time, pays homage to a project by a different government agency. In this town, outside of Knoxville and the University of Tennessee, the supercomputer of all supercomputers is being born.

Nearly a decade in the works, this supercomputer is only part of the greater puzzle that the National Security Agency, formerly known in national security circles as “No Such Agency” or the “National Softball Association” when the full title was classified, is putting together to uncover maleficent foreign actors.

The other piece, what’s known as the “Utah Data Center,” has been under construction for 2 months, and is set to be finished in the fall of 2013.[ii]

NSA_Pic_1This estimated 2 billion dollar facility, for the member of the Intelligence Community with the largest budget, will be the information center to its processing counterpart in Tennessee.

Quietly and ironically becoming known as the most covert and robust spy agency in the United States, NSA has been at the forefront of information technology and cryptoanalysis since after Pearl Harbor, reinvented in the wake of 9/11.[iii]

NSA_Pic_2Regardless of the mystique and controversy surrounding NSA, it stands as the first line of defense in an increasingly disconcerting cyber evolution in the US and abroad.

With that, the Lint Center encourages you to learn more about the NSA: its history, role in national security, and awe-inspiring projects. Additionally, in the context of our NSA profile, we remind you that the free online Stanford Cryptography Course is now open for enrollment.

The Lint Center Team

***NOTICE: The information included in this post is from open-source media outlets and documents. It is intended for informational purposes and to encourage individuals to learn more about exciting employment opportunities within the U.S. Government.***


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End Notes:

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