News and Happenings: University of Delaware – Spies, Lies & Sneaky Guys


The University of Delaware has published a series of free video lectures online entitled “Spies, Lies & Sneaky Guys: Espionage and Intelligence in the Digital Age.”

The lecture compilation “explores new challenges and opportunities in the field of international intelligence” from the front-lines, by former directors and chiefs, and by renowned espionage and intelligence observers.

Among the lectures:

Robert Grenier, a veteran of nearly 30 years in the CIA and former head of the Agency’s Counterterrorism Center, discussed “HUMan INTelligence in the Digital Age.”

Rounding out the series, on May 2, Matthew Aid, a leading intelligence historian and expert on the National Security Agency, will be giving a talk on “The Future of Intelligence and Espionage.”

The lecture series is a perfect venue for aspiring intelligence or government professionals to hear first-hand account of the current and future challenges facing the Intelligence Community at large.

To view the compiled series, please visit the “Spies, Lies & Sneaky Guys” PROGRAM schedule.