Lint Center Article in Maritime Executive Magazine

090513-N-0743B-084The Lint Center’s Public Affairs team had an article published in this month’s edition of Maritime-Executive Magazine. The article on piracy is entitled “Picking Off Prominent Picaroons.”

Below is a sampling of some of the article:

“Escalating maritime piracy, situated off the horn of Africa and throughout the world’s vital shipping transit locales and strategic naval choke points, continues to be a modern day plague with an elusive countermining framework. Failed states and lawless regions around the world, like Somalia, continue to be a breeding ground for illicit and illegitimate industries.  Moreover, it’s increasingly clear that ungoverned space perpetuates and compounds incidents of piracy and exacerbates the challenges facing maritime security efforts.”

100331-N-8959T-034“As the US “Rewards for Justice” program attests, offering a monetary reward for the capture of high-value targets is an efficient and cost effective means to address one aspect of the larger problem. A rewards program plays at the core of pirate-hood: harvesting money and means in a lawless inversion of virtue, an international language of pay-to-say mutiny of sorts. A huge payday, likely larger than any they would reap otherwise and with little external risk, could draw out that with which draws persons to piracy to begin with. Let the nature of the beast betray its mission.”

We would encourage you to take a look at the full article HERE and let us know what you think.

Image Source: Department of the Navy,