Lint Center 2012 Year in Review

The Lint Center for National Security Studies has had a bustling and successful 2012. The last year has seen some noteworthy events at the Lint Center, from a milestone birthday and internal promotions to welcoming a number of notable mentors and 5 new scholarship winners.

Our mission, as always, has been to expand the opportunities available to the future of the National Security community. The means of accomplishing this mission, while varying, boasts an underlying ardent dedication by our affiliates, organization, and team members, one that I am proud to say is highlighted by this year’s events.

The real crux of the Lint Center’s mission rests on awarding talented and well-rounded applicants monetary, material, and networking scholarships, however, to aid in that mission, the Lint Center has also ramped up its outreach, recruiting, and expansion efforts in 2012.

With the help of a dedicated core of returning team members and an influx of new faces, the Center has laid the foundation for an active social networking and media presence. Relevant and timely blog posts, Twitter, Facebook, and Listserv output, and LinkedIn connections have made significant contributions to the reach of the Lint Center in the cyber-sphere.

The Lint Center is proud not only to have expanded its self-published and directed social and media presence in 2012 but has also produced a number of articles published in established National Security publications, including: Homeland Security Today Magazine (Cover), Hakin9 Magazine, Emergency Management Magazine, International Policy Digest, Maritime Executive Magazine, and

In the course of the Center’s external publication efforts, the Center is also pleased to have connected with a new corporate partnership with leading IT Security Magazine, Hakin9 Magazine. We trust that 2013 and future scholarship winners will reap innumerable benefit from the Hakin9 Magazine’s quality and varied output. To learn more about Hakin9 Magazine, please visit:

Our virtual efforts, of course, could not be pursued without the truly exceptional Mentor, Mentee, and Volunteer recruiting of Lint Center staff. Without the dedication and man hours behind the Veteran members of our Team seeking out new members, the Lint Center could not have made the great gains in support of the progress of the next generation of National Security workers that 2012 has brought us.

As a direct result of both the Center’s social media and recruiting efforts, our mentor pool has continued to grow and develop, adding some impressive and experienced leaders to our existing tried-and-true affiliates. Mentorship is one of the fundamental offerings of the Center, and hindsight is the gift of 20/20. Through Mentorship, we can share some of that gift by helping the next generation pick up where we left off, hopefully avoiding some of the mistakes and speed bumps we encountered in our own careers. Further, we are proud to say that some of our new Mentors include: Brigadier General Mike Hall, Colonel Sandy Hall, Mr. Steve Yarbrough, and Mr. James Webb. A celebratory welcome and thank you to both our new Mentors and our recruiting staff!

The successes of the year and our milestone 5th birthday have also brought a number of new and exciting internal promotions, anniversaries, and volunteers for the Lint Center Team. One of our first scholarship winners, Timothy Coleman, who over four years of outstanding work served as the Lint Center Public Affairs Officer turned Director of Communications and standing member of the Board of Directors, was promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer. Secondly, Jeni Domingue, who began as the Lint Center Volunteer Coordinator, was not only promoted to Volunteer Engagement Manager but also recently celebrated her 1-year anniversary with the Lint Center. Lastly, Brittany Minder, who began as our Public and External Relations Intern turned Mentor Care Officer and Public and External Relations Associate was promoted to the position of Marketing and Communications Manager. Congratulations Tim, Jeni, and Brittany!

Without the work of our dedicated Team and the additions of talented new recruits like Clark Stinson and Anh-My Tran the Center could not have made it to milestone birthday number 5, scholarship recipient 26, LinkedIn Group member number 318, with over 250 Mentors, 50+ blog posts, and hundreds of tweets.

I am in a state of continual appreciation and wonder at the way that the Lint Center has grown and progressed the past 5 years. The great support of our many volunteers, valued donors, namesakes, and the sponsors who serve as the lifeblood of the organization, cannot be emphasized enough. Lastly, Stratfor, our first corporate sponsor, has continued in its great support of our scholarship winners. The Lint Center Team and myself are incredibly grateful for the external support that we have received and look forward to the progress and successes of 2013.

On a personal note, Dr. Anna and I have had a great year in our professional lives. Dr. Lint has been promoted to teaching doctoral level courses, while I continue my day job, which keeps me in touch with outstanding national security workers.  This year we also attended the DEFCON, which is the largest Hacker Convention in the United States. I was on a discussion panel and next year I will be presenting a hour-long briefing on the requirements of security clearances.

America was fortunate to have a large pool of potential recruits for national service, and the federal organizations had a substantial recruitment presence at DEFCON on hand.  As you can imagine, the challenge was, as it has always been – screening out the criminals and unskilled! Better to complain about a large pool than no pool at all, of course.

When Dr. Lint and I discussed the concept of the Lint Center over five years ago, we dreamed big but still can’t believe all the help, support, and motivators that kept us moving forward. Thank you to all that have kept us on track. The combined support has led us to the success of supporting many future national security leaders.

Warm Wishes,

Jim Lint, Chairman

To read about the Lint Center’s 2012 scholarship winners, please visit their respective bio pages. We are proud to have them as Lint Center affiliates!