Lint Center for National Security Studies Unveils Its Inaugural Virtual Internship Program for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

The Lint Center, a non-profit charity, focused on supporting the educational pursuits of the next generation of America’s Counterintelligence and National Security Workers, today formally announced the launch of the Center’s virtual summer internship program that is open continuously. The Lint Center is seeking high caliber candidates from multiple academic disciplines who are seeking substantive career-related work experience through internships and cooperative education positions – for credit or non-credit. The internship program is open to all undergraduate and graduate students seeking unpaid volunteer positions.

The Lint Center virtual summer internship program is seeking well qualified undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing degrees in a wide variety of disciplines including liberal arts, communications, administration, computer science, graphics design, business, public administration, history, national security, intelligence as well as other applicable fields of study.

“The Lint Center’s continued growth and the increasing need to further the educational development of the next generation of America’s Counterintelligence and National Security Workers compels us to identify and recruit promising talent to assist the Center’s core mission,” said James R. Lint, Chairman and CEO of the Lint Center for National Security Studies. “Our virtual summer internship will be demanding, but it will also be extremely rewarding and it is my hope tremendously beneficial for those up to the rigorous challenge of a Lint Center internship. In addition to learning the  real world skill experience, Lint Center interns will also have a chance to interact with many national security and counterintelligence professionals.”

For more information, visit our Virtual Internship Page.