Bletchley Park, the Best-Kept Secret of WWII


Creating and staffing Bletchley Park, a highly secret government organization, took place during the hard days of fighting and dying of WWII. The organization’s goal was to defeat the use of the German’s coding warring information. Bletchley Park was one of history’s most covert operations and was under close protection from enemy disclosure.

As the home of one of the first computer and code breaking equipment, Bletchley Park ultimately broke the German Enigma code. The British cracked the German codes to uncover enemy schemes and the secrets of Hitler’s plotting. Deciphering the German forces hidden encoded messages was the accomplishment of brilliant dedicated men and women, including chess champions, mathematicians, cross word experts and a variety of other fields. Bletchley Park’s Alan Turing is credited for breaking the enigma code.

Bletchley Park enabled Allied forces to uncover hidden messages encrypted into German radio traffic and was a useful defensive weapon of the intelligence network. Iain Standan, CEO, of Bletchley Park Trust said, “Many historians these days often estimate that the work here at Bletchley Park shortened the Second World War by two years thereby saving millions of lives.”

Bremont, the luxury watchmaker, is teaming up with Bletchley Park Trust to commemorate this profound historical event and aid in its rebuild and preservation as a historical site. To honor the toilsome labors and dedication of those who contributed to Bletchley Park’s success, Bremont, has constructed a watch, the “Codebreaker.” This elegant timepiece contains actual components from the enigma machine and debuted on June 26.

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