Tips for Moving While Enrolled in School

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By Nichole Ahlstrom
COLL100 Faculty at American Public University

Moving is not a fun topic to discuss, especially when it involves attending college. How would I know? I’m preparing to move from Okinawa, Japan, back to the United States. Mentally and physically preparing for any move is no easy task, especially when you attend college.

I remember the day we received orders to move back to the States. My mind immediately started racing with the million and one things to accomplish. With any major agenda or task, planning and communication are key.

Since I am a college student, an educator, a mother and a military spouse, I knew that my hands would be full. I am an ‘A’-type personality, so organization and structure are part of my daily routine. I get my tasks accomplished in a timely manner. I take notes, notes and more notes. I believe that communication is extremely important, and I don’t like to procrastinate. My mind never shuts off.

Moving while in college has its fair share of challenges. However, to manage a move while you’re a college student, here are a few helpful tips to prepare you for the transition:

  1. Start planning so you can take control of the move and your coursework.
  2. Get ample amounts of rest and maintain a balanced diet to minimize anxiety and stress.
  3. Be positive and think about how moving could benefit your education. Be optimistic, enthusiastic and confident.
  4. Communicate with your instructors about the move ahead of time, so that classwork can be completed before it’s due. Preparation is key.

Moving elicits many emotions. Taking control of the situation, preparing, managing, and communicating will all help to make for a smooth transition with coursework and moving. Once you arrive at your new home and are settled with school, celebrate your efforts. Embrace the move as it can create new opportunities, help you to regain focus, and allow you to set new educational goals.

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About the Author

Nichole Ahlstrom is an adjunct faculty member who teaches COLL100: Foundations of Online Learning at American Public University. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration and a Master of Science in Psychology from the University of Phoenix. She is currently working on her Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership degree with the University of Phoenix. Nichole lives in Okinawa, Japan with her husband, who is an active-duty Marine, and they have two boys. Nichole loves being a mother, spending time with her family, volunteering, exercising and traveling.