Lint Center Launches Partnership with NCSA to Advance Intelligence Education

New Partnership Establishes Free Memberships to the National Cybersecurity Student Association for Scholarship Recipients and a Media Partnership.

The Lint Center for National Security Studies, a non-profit dedicated to fostering the educational development of the next generation of America’s Counterintelligence and National Security Workers, announced a new partnership with the National Cybersecurity Student Association. The NCSA, a leading organization supporting cybersecurity educational programs, plans to work with the Lint Center to further their shared missions of providing educational opportunities for emerging leaders in the national security and intelligence fields.

The NCSA will be providing the Lint Center’s scholarship recipients with free membership to the National Cybersecurity Student Association beginning in July 2016. The free NCSA membership will provide an abundance of resources to the Lint Center’s merit-based scholarship winners. Resources from the NCSA include a consortium of higher education institutions, businesses, and government agencies focused on collaborative efforts to advance Information Security education/research and strengthen the national cybersecurity workforce which was funded under a National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant.

“The National Cybersecurity Student Association (NCSA) is excited to partner with The Lint Center for National Security Studies, Inc. in order to energize, expand and cultivate a diverse ecosystem of next generation cybersecurity professionals through education, mentoring, and professional development opportunities” said  Gustavo Hinojosa, Executive Director of NCSA.

In addition to the free membership, NCSA and the Lint Center will collaborate on a new media partnership focused on the promotion of education in the fields of national security and intelligence.

“Having watched the beginning of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), I understand the need for NCSA” said James R. Lint, CEO at the Lint Center. “It is great to get students involved in understanding cyber threats and cyber espionage early. It will be a great future force multiplier for the Cyber fight.”


This press release was prepared by Lint Center volunteer, Jake Goldberg.


About the National Cybersecurity Student Association:

The National Cybersecurity Student Association , is open to all college and university students, 18 years of age and older interested in Cybersecurity Education and Careers.  It is a one-stop-shop to enhance the educational and professional development of cybersecurity students through activities, networking and collaboration.  The Association helps students connect the dots thru their education to careers, with connections, collaborations and career support.  Our group supports the cybersecurity educational programs of academic institutions, inspires career awareness and encourages creative efforts to increase the number of underrepresented populations in the field.  Our Student members are looking for internships, scholarships and career opportunities.

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About the Lint Center:

The Lint Center for National Security Studies, Inc., founded in 2007, is a non-profit IRS 501 (c) (3) organization created to award merit-based scholarships biannually for Counterintelligence and National Security Workers, their children and scholars, and to advance the study of National Security, cross-cultural studies, and global understanding. The Center, an IRS approved charity, is veteran and minority operated and managed. For more information, please visit