Fourth of July 2019

Happy Independence Day!

Freedom and independence are words affectionately and passionately associated with the United States of America. On the Fourth of July, the U.S.A. celebrates the bountiful freedom we have fought for. However, as we do prepare to celebrate yet another year of freedom, we must keep in mind its fragility. As easily as it was obtained, it can be cruelly stripped away. Therefore, no matter how you choose to celebrate the nation’s birthday, take a moment to pause. Recall just how hard generations before have worked to secure, maintain, and reinforce our freedoms, and how each of us must remain steadfastly determined to propel our ever-changing nation forward and the underpinning principles that make it so profound. After all, it was not just the freedom we know today that was born on July 4th, but also the country we all proudly call home.

Image Source: Commons.Wikipedia.Org