Service 1: Flagship Scholarship Award

For more information on our scholarship program, please visit our Scholarships Page.

Scholarship Sponsors:

  • MICA

Service 2:  Additional Scholarships

Service 3: Funding Methodologies

  •  Conventional method:
  • Perpetual method:
  • All donations are IRS-approved charity donations: Press Release and IRS Website
  • Any donated amount is welcome and can be combined with other donations for scholarships
  • Note: Lint Center has NO paid employees and has not used any scholarship money donated for administrative costs
  • Proudly, Lint Center has 0% administrative cost. (Founders donated all administrative start-up costs, in addition to initial scholarships)

Read this to learn how to create additional scholarships named after donors or memorials.

Service 4: Sponsored Websites and Forums

Discussion Forums:

Websites on Security Management, CI, Cross-Cultural Education, and Intelligence:

Service 5: Mentorship

We provide mentors for National Security Professionals.

Service 6: Coming Soon

Looking for your suggestions.  Please contact us with your ideas.