Ensuring Effective Food Safety Regulation in China?

Executive Summary: Recently, China has come under fire for its food safety standards by both export recipients and domestic consumers. Several of China’s largest trading partners have imposed punitive bans on Chinese food products, citing quality assurance concerns. Shortcomings in food safety have also precipitated instances of domestic social unrest. Reassessing the current food safety […]

Virtual Volunteering Project

Our Virtual Volunteering Project participants will have an impact. We will have a Virtual Volunteering Project that will allow our members to have an impact. Benefits: Mentorship: For those individuals who volunteer will have an opportunity to interact with some Lint Center mentors. Mentors are highly regarded individuals who have practitioner oriented experience and who […]

Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year from Lint Center! Lint Center had a great year with the award of six scholarships during two different scholarship competitions. We also created a new Ben Franklin scholarship that was awarded once in Summer 2009 and will also be awarded in Winter 2010. The Ben Franklin scholarship was funded by a new […]

July 2008 competition produced some excellent essays

SGT Jennifer Flory, winner of Jim & Anna Hyonjoo Lint Scholarship, had an interesting idea on use of Scrap Metal for a safer Middle East which she describes in her essay. As she states it can put the power back into the hands of the people. SGT Flory has served a tour an interesting assignment […]

Lessons learned in recovery of classified materials

Original Published on Monmouth Message Newspaper We have relative peace and calm here at Fort Monmouth even during wartime. But I am often reminded about the guys in the Iran Embassy in November 1979. They thought there was no need for emergency evacuation or for emergency destruction drills. I’m sure there were many in the […]