Amber Antony
Human Resources Manager

Amber N.K. Antony graduated from University of Phoenix in 2017 earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration with a Criminal Justice Security Certificate. During her senior year she concentrated on homeland security and antiterrorism strategies, while her personal thesis focused on a comprehensive global perspectives assessment on criminal justice and her team research project consisted of analyzing the various processes of corrections in the United States. She intends to further her education by attending graduate school or law school.

Amber is currently pursuing a commission in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, while simultaneously working towards becoming a police officer. She works as an Investigator for Corporate Specialized Intelligence & Investigations LLC, and ANTONY Investigations LLC located in Hawai’i. She conducts criminal, civil, and administrative investigations; she has worked an array of cases ranging from missing persons to homicide.

In her spare time, Amber enjoys volunteering, forensic science (physiological and criminalistics), and spending as much time outdoors as possible.