Brigadier General (Ret) Gary M. Jones brings to Myrmidon Consulting, LLC over 28 years Military experience as a seasoned Military Leader that commanded at all levels of the Army’s tactical and operational formations. General Jones is recognized as a proven, experienced-forged senior leader in military and international affairs. He managed programs and deployments at the national and international levels, with extensive operational expertise in Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, the Caribbean, Central America and the Middle East.

During the Afghanistan War he served as the Deputy Director of Military Operations for the Central Intelligence Agencies Counter Terrorism Center as a principal advisor to the Director. He served in Europe as the Sub-Unified Commander of Special Operations Command Europe and his last position prior to retirement from Military Service was as the Commander of the United States Army Special Forces Command a 9,700 man forces with worldwide responsibility for fighting the Global War on Terrorism. After leaving Military service, BG Jones served as SVP of Saffron Technology an innovative Software Company providing state of the art analytical support to DOD and the IC community and as SVP for Performance Materials, Inc. which offered innovative armor solutions, security solutions and nylon products for the Department of Defense and other Governmental Agencies. Additionally, BG Jones has provided consulting support to USSOCOM as a senior mentor to the Unified Quest series exercises and to the JCS J7 for Irregular Warfare doctrinal review.

Jones is an alumna of Louisiana State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and is a graduate of the Army War College and the Conflict Management and Negotiations programs, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University and the Greensboro School of Leadership.