Dr. Terri K. Wonder, Ph.D., is a former college English teacher who has moved into the field of social science research for law enforcement and military. She is currently a social scientist for the USAR/TRADOC program Human Terrain Systems and is a federal civilian employee.  She currently works from the program’s Leavenworth, Kansas, chapter and will deploy to the program’s Theater Command Element in Baghdad in August 2009. In her program, she also embedded as a social scientist with Marine Expeditionary Forces in Anbar Province from December 2008 to April 2009. In addition to working with Marines, she also partnered on outside-the-wire expeditions with the Navy’s Riverine One Squadron. Utilizing mixed research methods from the social sciences, Terri specializes in local population perceptions assessments and in civil-military operations assessments. Her favorite research subjects are educators, maids, and day laborers.

With her previous employer, a private security agency tasked with critical infrastructure protection and criminal property theft deterrence, she was primarily assigned to conduct threat assessments, curriculum development, and corporate documents writing and editing. In addition, she functioned as a technical writer and one who periodically updated the firm’s website.

Terri has a wide range of abilities, both in education and in analysis. In addition to her doctorate, she holds a MA in English. The years she spent teaching has resulted in a fine grasp of communication both orally and written. Furthermore, she is an eloquent and effective speaker, one who has done presentations before DOD personnel and a wide range of other groups. Coupled with her communication skills is her background in curriculum research, which enables her to synthesize material into meaningful, focused hypotheses. Such research skills were developed in graduate-level qualitative and quantitative research and a range of knowledge about mass social movements, militant religious groups, international terrorism, social psychology of terrorists and religious fundamentalism, organizational theory, and organizational analysis.