Lint Center’s ‘Mr. Jack McCoy’ Scholarship ($500)
WINNER: Gregory Williamson (2012)

Gregory Williamson is an Alabama Gulf Coast native who has been accepted to the University of New Orleans College of Engineering for the Fall of 2012. Mr. Williamson attended Auburn University from 1995 to 2002 and majored in Graphic Design. While at Auburn, Mr. Williamson owned and published a private newspaper and also enlisted into the Air Force National Guard, serving as an A1C in the 232nd Combat Communications Squadron in Montgomery, Alabama. Following a class research project and presentation about the oil spill and its effects on the environment and oil industry, Mr. Williamson became a volunteer deckhand in the Gulf Oil Spill clean-up efforts, as an official member of the Gulf Oil Spill Task Force, later being hired on part-time by the Captain of the vessel, for his abilities as a Project Manager.

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