Served in three of the four Directorates of the Central Intelligence Agency; served overseas in three consecutive and dangerous tours as a clandestine service officer under deep cover; helped program for overhead imagery satellites and support national signals intelligence programs; managed an offensive national-level counterintelligence program; and been the senior civilian responsible for creating the newest U.S. national intelligence production facility, the U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence Command.

As the founder of Open Source Solutions Network (OSS.Net), he has inventoried open sources and services around the globe, trained 7,500 mid-career officers in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and written the original handbooks for the Defense Intelligence Agency; the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Special Operations Forces, and the United Nations. In 2007 he co-founded Earth Intelligence Network, a 501c3 Public Charity that creates public intelligence in the public interest, and seeks to create the World Brain and Global Game.

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