Multi-disciplinary professional from the Government and Private sector.  Yarbrough has over 30 years of Military, Government, and Private sector International policy experience with a primary focus on Latin American security and policy. Technology Consultant to the Intelligence Community in support of the national security requirements. Officer provides oversight to telecommunication infrastructure, collection, processing, vulnerabilities, and risk analysis. Work with US and third party LEA in support of counternarcotic and counterterrorism initiatives at the strategic and tactical level. Our Analysis Group supports the Intelligence Community and other government and private sector clients. We provide outreach, conferences, in-house research, embedded analytic support; training, mentoring, and evaluation; risk assessment, and strategic planning for corporations worldwide. Current assignment to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence requires Officer to integrate and advance Unifying Intelligence Strategies (UIS) priorities to shape mission outcomes, Community strategic objectives, capability development, and resource allocation. Officer is responsible for working transparently and collaboratively with the Integration Management Council (IMC) and National Intelligence Manager (NIM) teams who formulate US policy for Western Hemisphere requirements.