Senior Security Consultant, Nay Consulting Services and has extensive direct experience in planning, evaluating, and implementing DOE security programs. 40 years of experience at various levels of security and law enforcement in the DOD (USMC & USAR) and the DOE. Within the DOE have planned and implemented security programs in all topical areas. Have performed the full range of duties; from checking badges as a Security Officer, to supervision, training and development, evaluation, and management. Hired by the Office of Energy Research to establish a security program. This program has evolved to include personnel, physical, information, and cyber components. In addition to planning and implementing Headquarters security programs, have evaluated and justified the security programs for program elements at DOE funded National Laboratories and at federal operations offices. Have managed the security program funding and budget preparation for all these topical areas to include protection program planning and management.


VAs – Completed DOE/NTC courses in VA. Participated on the VA working group at ORNL. Provided input to the VA for YMP.

OPSEC– Recently participated in an OPSEC review of the Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management and the Yucca Mountain Project.

SSSP – Provided oversight of the SSSP at ORNL and BNL from 1992 to 2004.

Security Classification – Currently an Authorized Derivative Classifier (ADC). Previously an Original Classifier, Derivative Declassfier and an UCNI Reviewing Official.

Physical Fitness– Chairman of the Physical Fitness Working Group that standardized the DOE implementation of the Physical Fitness Standards. Oversaw PF programs at LLNL.

Classified Matter – Headquarters Security Officer for the DOE Office of Science. Certified Inquiry Official for SC and RW.

Pass and Badging – Team Leader for the design and implementation of the DOE Office of Science Common Badge.

Other Security Support – Independent audit of the Cyber Security Accreditation at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility


Technical Qualifications:

Recipient, DOE Outstanding Performance Awards (1992-2004)

Distinguished Alumnus of the Department of Administration of Justice, San Jose State University

Recipient, 2 On-The-Spot Awards

Recipient, Exceptional Service Award (DOE Bronze Medal)

Recipient, Secretary Richardson’s Hispanic Heritage Award

Recipient, Special Act Award

Recipient, 2 Secretary Pena’s PRIDE Awards

Outstanding Graduate Student, San Jose State University

Instructor of the Year, USARF School, Camp Parks

“Cop of the Year”, Vista Exchange Club

MP of the Month, MCB Camp Pendleton

Life Member, Western Society of Criminology

Life Member, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

Life Member, Alpha Phi Sigma, National Criminal Justice Honor Society


Consultant Resume: Nay-Corporate3