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To Submit a Program

The Lint Center welcomes additional educational programs which directly relate to counterintelligence, defense, intelligence, national security and other affiliated fields of study.

To submit, please provide: 1) the University Name; 2) link to the University’s main portal; 3) name of program of interest; 4) link to program of interest; 5) indicate if the program is accredited; and 6) please indicate if the program offers online classes or requires physical presence to attend.

Contact us here for submissions.

Henley-Putnam University (Online)

  • BS/MS Intelligence Management

Kent Center, a component of the employee-only Sherman Kent School for Intelligence Analysis at CIA University


  • The Kent Center, a component of the employee-only Sherman Kent School for Intelligence Analysis at CIA University, strives to promote the theory, doctrine, and practice of intelligence analysis

Michigan State University

  • MS in Law Enforcement Intelligence and Analysis

National Defense University

  • College of International Security Affairs
  • Industrial College of Armed Forces
  • National War College
  • Joint Forces Staff College

Texas A& M Bush School of Government and Public Service

  • Master’s Program in International Affairs
  • Concentrations-Intelligence as an Instrument of Statecraft, Defense Policy and Military Affairs, American Diplomacy in World Affairs

The Institute of World Politics

  • Statecraft and World Politics, Statecraft and National Security Affairs, Strategic Intelligence Studies

The University of Hull

  • BA in War and Security Studies, Politics and International Relations
  • MA in Strategy and International Security, International Politics
  • PhD in Strategy, national security and foreign policy

Kansas State University

  • MA and PhD in national security, international affairs, world politics, and transnational problems

University of Maryland-School of Public Policy

  • Certificate in Intelligence Analysis

University of Pittsburgh                             

  • Master’s Program in International Affairs
  • Security and Intelligence Studies