Amanda Vicinanzo’s Testimonial

Marcus Tullius Cicero said, “The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.” This scholarship in my father’s name has done a powerful thing for my family—it has kept my father’s legacy alive, even after his death. Not only does he live on in the minds and hearts of all those who knew and loved him, but now his courageous example as a father, husband, solider, lawyer, and law enforcement officer is known by many. It is a touching reminder that his sacrifice and heart for public service will never be forgotten.”

By Steven McDonald

The decision to establish a scholarship is a meaningful one, not only for the student who
will benefit from the benefits afforded by the scholarship, but also for those who have made the
decision to create a scholarship fund. Whether the scholarship was established as a means of
memorializing a loved one, or to help a student succeed in a particular field of study, those who
created the scholarship want to ensure that it goes to the most deserving candidate. This can be
an arduous, and time-consuming task that consists of screening the applications, establishing a
set of criteria on which to judge the applicants, and determining which applicant is the best fit for
the scholarship. This is a process that can easily take a month or more, and is a reason why most
of those who establish a scholarship select an administrator to assist in streamlining the process.

Selecting a third-party to administer your scholarship might sound like a routine task, but
this is not necessarily the case. The reason for this is because many administers, even some that
are non-profit, charge a fee for their efforts. This means that whether the scholarship is a
one-time, or an annual award, the amount a recipient receives will be less than the amount the
donors will be required to come up with. This is one of the areas that makes the Lint Center (LC)
a top-tier choice for administering your national security/intelligence related scholarship. Unlike
many third-party administers, the LC is fully operated by volunteers. This allows the LC to
administer your scholarship, without needing to charge any fees, which means the amount of
money you set aside for a given scholarship can be fully applied to that scholarship if it is being
administered by the LC.

However, the benefits do not stop here, and if you asked any of the LC volunteers, or past
scholarship recipients, they would likely say the financial aspect of receiving a scholarship
administered by the LC represents only a small portion of the assistance winners receive. This is
because scholarships administered through the LC come with advantages that merely begin when
the recipient receives their award. With the staff of the LC being comprised primarily of
individuals who either currently/previously worked in the national security/intelligence sectors,
or are themselves currently pursuing degrees relevant to national security/intelligence, LC’s
volunteers remain passionate about promoting the study of national security related topics. As
such, the LC’s commitment to scholarship recipients does not end when the winners are
announced. Rather, the LC offers scholarship recipients an opportunity to participate in its’
mentorship program. The LC’s mentorship program pairs winners with respected professionals
who currently work, or have worked within a national security/intelligence related field, and
provides scholarship recipients with the guidance needed to achieve their career goals.

Additionally, having already administered more than 50 scholarships, the LC stands as a
highly qualified choice to administer your scholarship. This is evidenced not only by the large
and constantly growing pool of qualified individuals applying for scholarships through the LC,
but also the corporate sponsorships and partnerships the LC has forged. These sponsors/partners
are comprised of many prestigious organizations, including Stratfor, OPSEC Professionals
Society, the International Association for Intelligence Education, Military Intelligence Corps
Association, and the National Cybersecurity Student Association among others.

When considering the above-mentioned factors, the answer to the question “why have a
scholarship administered by the LC” becomes an easy one to answer.

  1. The LC charges no fees, which means that all funds go towards the scholarship recipient.
  2. The LC is comprised of volunteers who are passionate about supporting the next
    generation of America’s National Security professionals through scholarship and
    mentoring opportunities. Due to this, the benefits to scholarship recipients only begin
    when they are awarded a scholarship.
  3. The LC is highly qualified to administer scholarships, receives scholarship applications
    from a constantly growing pool of qualified candidates, and has a number of prestigious