Lint Center Announces Partnership with Spies of Washington Tour

TS_PicLint Center Announces Partnership with Spies of Washington Tour 

Former Air Force Intelligence Officer donates spy tours to emerging leaders in the National Security Field

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 25, 2015 – The Lint Center for National Security Studies, a non-profit organization focused on supporting the next generation of America’s National Security professionals through scholarship and mentoring opportunities, today announced its newest corporate sponsor, Carol S. Bessette, Founder of Spies of Washington Tour, a D.C. based tour organization focused on providing the most comprehensive tours of real-world spying and espionage intrigue.

Recipients of Lint Center scholarships will now have the opportunity to attend walking-tours at a leisurely pace to learn about espionage and intelligence in the nation’s capital with Ms. Bessette as a personal tour guide through Spies of Washington Tour. Ms. Bessette will donate free tours that highlight the over 200-year history of Intelligence and Counterintelligence in the Washington, D.C. area.


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Honoring Our Veterans

WWII_PicIn quiet tributes, at small family gatherings, in meeting halls, and at grand patriotic parades, Americans come together to honor and celebrate the men and women of the armed forces and those who have nobly fought to keep our country free on Veterans Day.

On this annual occasion, we celebrate the enduring bonds and gallant nature of the millions of men and women who have served and continue to serve in the United States Armed Forces.

We honor them all – veterans past and present.

We pause and give thanks to them all.

While all American Veterans are united by their common duty, all Americans remain humbled and grateful to our veterans for their uncommon courage and commitment to national service.

The Lint Center wishes to thank each and every veteran – those serving and those who have served – we proudly salute you!Tomb_on_unknown

My life was late nights and early mornings, physical exhaustion and boredom, my life was hurry up and wait. My days were broiling heat, my nights freezing cold. I lived in pouring rain, freezing snow and stifling humidity. Dust, sand and mud were my bed, my pillow a rucksack, butt pack or helmet. My feet toughened by thousands of miles of roads, paths, trails and fields trod. My back made strong and wide by days upon weeks upon years of carrying my rucksack just one more click. My youth spent learning my craft, sharpening my will and hardening my body for whatever was asked of me. Taught by men who had been taught by men who had hit the beach, held that hill or leapt from that airplane. My teacher’s lessons collected by experiences written in blood, sweat and tears. My classroom was the forest, the jungle, the desert and the mountain. My certificate a colorful ribbon, a shiny badge and those stripes. My traditions are ageless, my heritage stretches back centuries, I descended from giants and am proud to be counted as one of them. My youth was spent in service to my country, my youth was spent with my brothers and sisters I served with, my youth was not misspent.” – Unknown US Army Ranger

Congratulations Service Academy Graduates!

Graduates__U.S._Military_Academy_Class_of_2007Graduation Season:

Pursuant to the Lint Center’s mission of aiding the next generation of national security workers in their academic growth, the Lint Center for National Security Studies would like to congratulate the graduated and graduating cadets and midshipmen of the United States Service Academies.

Below is a short description about each of the Service Academies and their respective graduation services, free and open to the public (in inclement weather services are restricted to ticketholders):

The United States Military Academy

The US Military Academy at West Point is the oldest of the service academies, having been established in 1802, and West Point itself is also known as the oldest continuously occupied military post in America. West Point graduates have been at the forefront of every military event since the Revolutionary War, with such notable graduates as generals Grant, Lee, Sherman, Jackson and Eisenhower, MacArthur, Bradley, Arnold, Clark, Patton, Stilwell, and Wainwright.

West Point graduation services were held last weekend. The speaker at the Academy’s commencement was Vice President, Joseph Biden.

86px-Blue_Angels_flying_over_ther_U.S._Naval_Academy_s_Class_of_2007_Graduation_and_Commissioning_Ceremony__25-05-2007_The US Naval Academy

The US Naval Academy provides officers for both the Navy and the Marines and was established in 1850. The Naval Academy has established itself as one of the premier service academies to produce later high profile and notable graduates, including, among many others: 1 President of the US, 16 Ambassadors, 2 Cabinet Members, and 2 Nobel Prize recipients. Of note, Annapolis has graduated 46 Rhodes Scholars.

Annapolis has hosted its graduation services. The commencement speaker for the class of 2012 was Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta.

The US Merchant Marine Academy

The US Merchant Marine Academy was dedicated in 1943, however, the underpinnings of federal involvement in maritime training dates back to the administration of President Ulysses S. Grant. As a maritime nation, the US operates on the backs of the transportation of goods by the US merchant marine vessels, of which are comprised of Academy midshipmen. Further, during times of war, the US merchant marine delivers vital supplies to overseas forces and allies. Of note, the Merchant Marine Academy was the first to enroll female students, nearly two years ahead of the other service academies.

GWBush_at_USMMAThe US Merchant Marine Academy graduation services will be held on Monday, June 18, 2012. The graduation speaker for the Merchant Marine midshipmen will be retired US Navy captain, former Academy graduate, and astronaut Captain Mark Kelly. To learn more about the event, visit: United States Merchant Marine Academy – External Affairs.



The USAF Academy

Airpower leaders in the military, even before the Air Force was a separate service, advocated for a separate school for the country’s future Airmen, and later, in 1948, a board was appointed to study the existing military academies to see if an Air Force Academy fit into the national security and defense plans.

800px-USAF_Academy_Chapel_2The first US Air Force Academy class then entered into interim facilities in 1955. Interesting to note, to honor the Academy on its 50th anniversary, a 37-cent commemorative stamp portraying the USAF Academy Chapel was issued and the Academy was officially declared a historic landmark.The Air Force Academy has already held their commencement ceremony, and President Obama served as the Academy graduation speaker.


The US Coast Guard Academy

The US Coast Guard Academy was founded in 1876, as one of the first service academies in the US. The first Coast Guard Academy was called the “Revenue Cutter School of Instruction” and was held aboard the schooner, Dobbin. Academy classes were held off-land for nearly 15 years. Notably, the US Coast Guard is known as the oldest life-saving service in the world, and the Academy boasts two graduates as NASA astronauts.

800px-US_Navy_090120-N-9954T-130_Members_of_the_Coast_Guard_Academy_march_down_Pennsylvania_Avenue_during_the_2009_Presidential_Inaugural_ParadeThe US Coast Guard has also already held their commencement ceremonies with Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano giving the commencement address for the Coast Guard cadets.


Thank you for your service to the national security and defense, graduates! To read more about the service academies please visit: