Honoring our Gold Star Mothers

Gold-Star-MothersWith loving thoughts and heartfelt prayers, the Lint Center wishes to honor the brave and deserving Gold Star Mothers.

On this day, we pay tribute to these loving mothers of our country’s fallen military heroes.

We, as a nation, should pause to honor those who have given so much.

We pray for hope to fill each Gold Star Mother’s heart, comfort to fill her days, and peace to fill her soul.

Gold Star Mother’s Day: A Reverent Salute, A Solemn Promise

315px-Gold_Star_Service_Banner__LC_Today, we recognize Gold Star Mother’s Day by pausing in a moment of deep reflection for those mothers who have lost a son or daughter in the service our country.

As a grateful Nation, we honor our fallen, we remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms and liberty, and we pray for the families who bare the burden of such a loss. Let us honor the sacrifice by keeping the promise alive in our hearts today, tomorrow, and each day thereafter that we may live and prosper in accordance with the freedoms we have been afforded. Their memories continue to burn bright, as their legacy of patriotism, honor, and commitment leads us forward.

To all the brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers who share in the sorrow of loss, we resolutely walk with you – we offer our hand, our shoulder, and our prayers.

We know that we cannot fill the emptiness or assuage your bereavement. But perhaps our shared strengths and unnerving promise to honor the fallen will serve to carry on their legacy.

On this solemn day of remembrance, we rededicate ourselves to ensuring that the promise of America, her ideals, and her freedoms continue, as part of a sacred trust and a debt of gratitude owed not only to all service men and women, but to our Gold Star Mothers, and their families, whose debt we can never repay.

Today, the Lint Center offers a reverent salute and reaffirms its solemn promise to all Gold Star Mothers and their families.

We encourage you to take a moment of reflection and remember those who fell serving and those left behind.

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