Lint Center Volunteer Spotlight: Jeni Domingue

Jeni_Domingue_PhotoAs an all-volunteer force, the Lint Center for National Security Studies is completely dependent upon the dedication and hard work of amazing volunteers. It is because of these individuals and the time as well as countless talents they offer that the Center continues to thrive and grow.

This week, the Lint Center is pleased to spotlight and recognize the tremendous contribution of one of our great volunteers – Jeni Domingue!

More than six months ago, Jeni, came on board to assist and facilitate the Center’s volunteer and internship program. As a rising star and a committed team player, Jeni tackled the challenge and made strides to transform the Lint Center’s volunteer program.

After countless follow-ups with volunteers, Jeni crafted and implemented an online volunteer tracking system to assist the Center’s effort. Her diligent efforts and her consistency were quickly recognized, as she was promoted to Lead Volunteer Coordinator.

In her continuing quest to enhance volunteer and internship recruitment, placement, and retention efforts, Jeni began to examine Web-based application forms to expedite the recruitment process. Her efforts and progress continue to be a huge help to the Center for which the Center is most appreciative.

She has also made an application form for scholarships online which can move the Center to new heights. This was an especially important contribution that she initiated, due to the geographically dispersed scholarship committee.

As Jeni continues to leave an indelible mark on volunteering efforts and Center-wide initiatives, we wanted to take a moment to express our thanks to her for all the hard work she does.

Additionally and perhaps most importantly, we wish to congratulate Jeni on her recent promotion from Lead Volunteer Coordinator to Volunteer Engagement Manager!

Congratulations on a job well done, Jeni. Keep up the great work!

Jim Lint, Chairman
Special Agent (Retired)

Lint Center
for National Security Studies, Inc
IRS Approved 501 (c) (3) Charity