All opportunities at Lint Center are unpaid, volunteer positions. All volunteers work on a virtual basis, communicating with Lint Center via Internet and phone. Below is a list of ideas to move a volunteer program forward. We need more ideas. We invite you to send in your ideas.

Many of these tasks can be separated for people who want to support the overall task.

Volunteer Requirements

Needed Roles

List of Tasks

Volunteer Requirements

You must be over the age of 21.
You must have reliable access to a computer.

Needed Roles

  • Director of Volunteer Engagement: over all volunteer program management
  • Volunteer Accessions Contact Officer: key high-energy person to be first contact with Volunteer Screening Committee, assist Contact Officer with research and screening
  • Volunteer Management Officer
  • Mentor Care Officers
  • Scholarship Committee, Members, and Chair
  • Historian: Create Virtual Museum for National Security

List of Tasks

See this Powerpoint on how we are building out our volunteer opportunities!

Virtual Museum Volunteers

We need a Historian for National Security Studies with the goal to create a Virtual Museum for National Security.  In addition, we are looking for managers, workers, coordinators, curators and researchers.  This will be for different eras, wars and theaters.  There are many elements of national security. We want to describe and show graphics of past national security actions.

Link to VolunteerMatch description:

Volunteer Coordinator – Training
Similar to a military training NCO, this individual is responsible for orientating new volunteers with and training them for their duties. The selected volunteer will be responsible for the creation and management of this program. This position is currently vacant.

Public Relations Team
The primary duties of our PR team include the creation and dissemination of our Scholarship Winner press releases, Blogs, and other editorials. They follow a PR standard operating procedure (SOP) to ensure The Lint Center achieves communication efficiency. Positions are available.

The Webmaster is responsible for the overall management of our webpages. Duties include general site maintenance, design of the website, content submission, traffic examination and more. This position is currently filled.

Social Media Coordinator
This person is responsible for the creation and management of our social media programs, makes frequent contributions across all social media platforms, monitor’s social media and share national security related posts from other organizations. This position is currently vacant. We are seeking an energetic volunteer with experience in social media to spearhead this new program.

Grant Writer
Grant Writers are responsible for the official solicitation of grants. These individuals work closely with the Board of Directors and Scholarship Committee in order to seek grants that will improve the funding of the organization. Positions are available.

S2 Online Project Researchers
S2Online is an intelligence and security website that was originally created to provide country specific information for deploying and traveling intelligence personnel. It has since grown to also provide training and assistance to government personnel who are assigned the difficult job of security manager. These volunteers conduct internet research and find websites that have useful information about specific aspects of each country.

Data Entry
Data Entry volunteers assist with various data or internet tasks as needed. In the past these volunteers updated the contacts database and tested forms on the website. Their work depends upon the current needs of the organization. Positions are available.

Video Production
These volunteers create video projects that promote the mission of the center as well as our available scholarship  opportunities. These videos can be used in the volunteer’s personal portfolio. When we welcome new video production volunteers, we begin the brainstorming process to explore ideas for a project. An example would be the creation of an orientation video for new volunteers. Positions are available.

Awards Coordinator
This individual is responsible for creating an SOP that rewards our current volunteers. Additionally, they are responsible for the management of our Presidential Service Award SOP. Their primary duties will be to create an internal award system that gives credit to our volunteers. An example includes Certificates of Appreciation from our Chief Operations Officer or Chief Executive Officer based on performance and amount the amount of logged volunteer hours. This position is currently vacant.

If these sound interesting, we want you to help propel our mission and make an impact with people learning about national security.

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